Operation REACH will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year, which shows our legacy of consistently investing in the more disadvantaged school children in the Roane County School Systems. Our goals are high; raise $125,000 in funding and take 500 children shopping. 

We are the largest and oldest organization in Roane County, which provides Christmas gifts for needy families. We work with several other organizations, and take no monetary reimbursement for our volunteer work. 

If you need any further information contact Linda Townsend at 865-603-6192

Thanks in advance for helping these needy children.

This money will be used to take underprivileged children in Grades K-8 on a Christmas shopping “tour” for themselves and their families. Children are selected by teachers in all the elementary and middle schools throughout Roane County. Each child is matched with a volunteer who helps the child shop at Wal-Mart. The children are then taken to a local school cafeteria/gym where the volunteers help them wrap their gifts. The children are then provided lunch prior to their departure.Type your paragraph here.

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