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Our Mission

Once again we come to you asking for financial assistance to help the economically deprived children of Roane County go on a shopping tour and purchase gifts for their entire family on December 13 and 14 at Wal-Mart in Rockwood. The children’s names are turned in to us by the school teachers in grades Pre-K through 8 in the 11 elementary and middle schools of the Roane County School System.  Operation REACH is a nonprofit organization that began with the Kingston Jaycees 38 years ago and continues under the same leadership today. Our officers and directors are composed of community leaders who work diligently to provide needed assistance to make this worthwhile program successful. No officers or directors receive any compensation for their efforts. Money raised is spent on Roane County children. Many fundraisers are conducted by city and county fire and police officers throughout the county who also volunteer their help on the day of the shopping tour. We need you to sponsor as many children/families as possible this year. We have 580 children/families on our list this year. It takes $250 to sponsor one child/family. Your financial assistance and prayers are requested. We have not requested, nor do we receive, assistance from the United Way. Please send a check today, made out to Operation REACH, P.O. Box 981, Kingston, TN 37763. Thank you for sharing and caring. Please call us if you 

have any questions.  865-335-7981

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Meet Our Team

  Jane Ollis


Hope in Action

Ryan Townsend

2nd Vice President

Randy Ellis


Vice President



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Operation REACH

P.O. Box 981

Kingston, TN 3776

865-335-7981 or 865-376-5914